Hear & Read™ Intervention

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Product Information

A research-based approach to reading intervention, Hear & Read™ Intervention with Scobre Educational pairs print content with dynamic audio, using the accessible, enabling technology of the GoReader™. Hear & Read™ helps students develop phonemic awareness and fluency by synchronizing the image of a word with the sound of that word – and ultimately, the meaning of that word.

The GoReader™ is a portable reading-aid innovation: an MP3 audiobook player intended to scaffold the learning process for striving readers as they participate in reading programs and literacy-building activities in their classrooms.

  • Simple, affordable, and ready-to-use the moment it arrives at your school.
  • Pre-loaded with audio.
  • Allows individualized instruction, despite overcrowded classrooms.
  • Self-driven support, through simple technology, scaffolds instruction while building confidence.


  • Testimonials: 42 Classrooms, 596 Students
  • Grades: Middle, Junior High, and High School
  • Concept: Hear & Read™ – listening to audio while reading the companion book.
  • High Marks from Students and Teachers


LET STUDENTS SOAR! Don’t limit them based on current assessments — the GoReader™ encourages struggling readers to access the content they’re interested in, even if it’s above their reading level.



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