Leveling Information


Basal Level Letter Level Lexile Level AR Level
Grade 3 N, O, P 500L-700L 3.0-3.9
Grade 4 Q, R 650L-850L 4.0-4.9
Grade 5 S, T, U 750L-950L 5.0-5.9
Grade 6 V, W, X 850L-1050L 6.0-6.9
Grade 7 Y 950L-1075L 7.0-7.9


Title Home Run Edition Reading Level Touchdown Edition Reading Level Character Issue Sport
3rd Grade (N)
5th Grade (T)
Overcoming Fear Soccer
Hoop City
hoopcity 3rd Grade (N)
hoopcity 5th Grade (T)
Peer Pressure/ Consequences Basketball
Long Shot
longshot 3rd Grade (O)
longshot 5th Grade (U)
Self-Confidence/ Perseverance Basketball
The Green
the green 3rd Grade (P)
the green 5th Grade (U)
Obesity/ Peer Pressure Golf
The Ride
the ride 3rd Grade (P)
the ride 5th Grade (U)
Divorce/ Bullying/ Life Transitions Snowboarding and Surfing
The Long Way Around
the long way around 3rd Grade (P)
the long way around 6th Grade (V)
Redemption/ Second Chances Football
Safe At Home
safe at home 3rd Grade (O)
safe at home 5th Grade (W)
Family/ Dealing with Death Softball
The Kid From Courage
the kid from courage 3rd Grade (O)
the kid from courage 6th Grade (W)
Perseverance Tennis
Chasing The King
chasing the king 3rd Grade (O)
chasing the king 6th Grade (W)
Life Transitions Soccer
The Road To The Majors
road to the majors 3rd Grade (P)
road to the majors 6th Grade (X)
Perseverance Baseball
The Highest Stand
the highest stand 4th Grade (Q)
the highest stand 7th Grade (Y)
Bullying Track
Fighting El Fuego
fighting El Fuego 4th Grade (Q)
fighting El Fuego 7th Grade (Y)
Anger Management Boxing
Locals Only
Locals Only 3rd Grade (N)
Locals Only 6th Grade (T)
Alcohol/ Life Transitions Skateboarding
Hockey Dreams
Hockey Dreams 3rd Grade (N)
Hockey Dreams 5th Grade (T)
Bullying/ Perseverance Hockey
Motocross Brother
Motocross Brother 3rd Grade (P)
Motocross Brother 5th Grade (U)
Divorce, Anger Management, Bullying Motocross
Emerald 3rd Grade (N)
Emerald 5th Grade (T)
Peer Pressure, Positive Self Image, friendship Music, PopStar
Future Stars of America (Nonfiction)
futurestars of america 3rd Grade (N)
futurestars of america 4th Grade (Q)
Heroism/ Choices/ Health/ Family/ Confidence Nine Tradtional Sports
Future Stars of America 2 (Nonfiction)
futurestars of america 3rd Grade (P)
futurestars of america 5th Grade (U)
Consequences/ Perseverance/ Hard Work/ Family Nine sports, Traditional & Extreme
Born To Run (Nonfiction)
Born to Run width= 3rd Grade (P)
Born to Run width= 5th Grade (T)
Perseverance/ Self-Confidence Running
All The Right Moves (Nonfiction)
All The Right Moves= 3rd Grade (P)
All The Right Moves= 5th Grade (T)
Perseverance Chess
Who’s Got Next? Future Leaders of America (Nonfiction)
All The Right Moves= 3rd Grade (N)
All The Right Moves= 5th Grade (T)
Family/ Health/ Perseverance/ Setting Goals Chasing Dreams beyond Sports
Legit: The Rise of a Cyber Athlete
Legit 4th Grade (Q)
Legit 7th Grade (Y)
Perseverance, Career Goals Video Games, Technology
Bold Moves
Bold Moves 3rd Grade (P)
Bold Moves 5th Grade (T)
Health Issues, Perseverance, Fitting In Dancing, Scoliosis, Haiti
Unique Soul Weird World
Bold Moves 4th Grade (Q)
Bold Moves 6th Grade (V)
Individuality, Confidence, Environmental Awareness Skateboarding, Art, Music, Middle East Politics
Robot Revoluiton
Robot Revolution 4th Grade (Q)
Bold Moves 6th Grade (V)
Divorce, Career Motivation Technology, Robotics
T-Lloyd: In the Trenches
Bold Moves 3rd Grade (Q)
Bold Moves 5th Grade (U)
Steroids, Life Transitions Football, Hurricane Katrina, Weightlifting
Full Speed Ahead
Full Speed Ahead 4th Grade (Q)
Bold Moves 6th Grade (X)
Perseverance, Tolerance, Compassion Paralympics, Wheelchair Sports
Turning Green
Turning Green 4th Grade (Q)
Turning Green 7 Grade (Y)
Environmental Responsibility, Self-Confidence The Green Movement, State Government, Cosmetics
The Biz
The Biz 4th Grade (Q)
The Biz 7 Grade (Y)
Self-Confidence, Depression Hollywood, Directing, Acting