Character Education

Each high-interest book in both The Dream Series and Future Stars Series targets a specific character issue.

The way in which the fiction and nonfiction main characters in Scobre books deal with adversity, helps to teach young people how to handle difficult situations in their own lives. Scobre books teach young readers about strong morals and character by showing, not telling. Plus, our Teacher’s Resource Guides are equipped with a character education lesson plan, including easy-to-use graphic organizers that help to teach about strong character.

Scobre books are all told in the first-person perspective of a young person using his/her strong character to overcome obstacles–some of the same obstacles facing students today.
Each high-interest book in both The Dream Series and Future Stars Series incorporates character education elements.
The titles focus on a variety of character issues, such as bullying, anger management, and perseverance. The following questions can be used to enhance group discussions relating to the character education topics touched on in The Dream Series books.


Character Education Themes

Perseverance/Hard Work: What is perseverance and how does it relate to achieving your goals? Why is hard work usually rewarded? How does hard work relate to competition?[break][break] Career Goals: How do you think technology will impact your career goals? Can career goals change? Are you too young to think about career goals?[break][break] Individuality: Why is it so important to be yourself? Why is it hard to be an individual sometimes?[break][break] Self Confidence/Positive Self Image: Where does self confidence come from? How can confidence help you be successful? What is a positive self image?[break][break] Environmental Awareness: Do you feel that you have a responsibility to take care of the earth? Why or why not? What are some things you can do to take care of the earth?[break][break] Health Issues: Why is it important to treat people with disabilities or other health issues with the same respect that you treat everyone else with?[break][break] Obesity: Eating healthy and exercising are great ways to stay healthy. What are some healthy issues relating to being overweight? (*Answer: Heart issues, diabetes, etc…)[break][break] Fitting In: Do you think fitting in is important? Is it hard to fit in? Why or why not?[break][break] Choices: We all face difficult choices every day. What are some of those choices? What are the consequences of making bad choices?[break][break] Setting Goals: When trying to reach a destination, you need to know how to get there first. How does this relate to setting goals for your life?[break][break] Consequences: Every action taken in life has a consequence. What does this mean? Why is it so important to think about the consequences of EVERY action you take, no matter how small?
Anger Management: What does anger management mean? What are some strategies that can be used to control your anger? Why does anger need to be controlled? What can happen if it’s not controlled?[break][break] Bullying: True or false: often times, those who bully others feel badly about themselves? What are some ways to deal with a bully? Can you bully someone without touching them?[break][break] Divorce: Some marriages end in divorce. This is a sad part of life that has nothing to do with the actions of the children of divorced parents. Who can young people talk to about their feelings?[break][break] Peer Pressure: What is peer pressure? Why do you think people pressure each other into doing things?[break][break] Friendship/Family: Name some characteristics of a good friend. (For example: loyalty.) Are these characteristic the same for family members?[break][break] Redemption/Second Chances: We all make mistakes, but the way we react to those mistakes is what defines us. What does this mean and how does it relate to redemption?[break][break] Alcohol & Drugs: How can alcohol and drugs ruin your life? How can you avoid alcohol and drugs? What should you do if a friend is using alcohol or drugs?[break][break] Life Transitions: Life changes all the time. Why is dealing with change so difficult? Does it help to talk to someone?[break][break] Steroids: Why are steroids so dangerous? What are some of the consequences of taking steroids? What do you think about all the steroids controversy in professional sports?[break][break] Compassion: What is compassion? Why is it important to feel compassion? Have you ever met someone who is physically or mentally handicapped? How did you treat that person? Did you feel compassion toward them?