Scobre Press books are fun to read, interesting, multicultural, and socially relevant … and they’re the ones your students will pick up first!

Here’s what some of our customers have to say about it:

 “It was true love at first sight. The entire Dream Series is a dream come true – great literature for a middle school audience that is relevant, has a fabulous message, turns reluctant readers into avid readers, and inspires proficient readers to interact with the text. Students in seven classes became motivated readers who were able to read, write and talk intelligently about the literature. What more could a teacher ask for?”

Ilene Abrams
Language Arts Teacher
Mabry Middle School
Marietta, Georgia

“Scobre books have been great for our guided reading groups and book clubs.  The teacher’s guides have been helpful when planning instruction. The high interest multilevel books give all of our students confidence  as readers.”

Helene Feifer 
Reading Specialist 
Eldorado School
Spring Valley, NY

“The Scobre Reading Program provides books are written to appeal specifically to adolescents and engage the most reluctant readers.  Students have even been observed reading their Scobre books as they walk down the hallways. The Scobre books offer middle level learners positive messages and can be trusted to contain no inappropriate material. Scobre books are made of quality materials and have held up very well even circulated through our library. Scobre books offer multiple reading levels that allow students to read the same books, but geared to their own reading ability.”

Debbie McMahan
Reading Coach
Brown Middle School
Harrison, TN  37341

“I have the books in my classroom library, and the students (even those who struggle with reading) seem to enjoy the books.  I have a few students who prefer to read those books over all the other books in the library.”

Molly McPartin
Summer School Teacher
Rush Day School
Chicago, Illinois

“Being the reading coach here I do not have one on contact with students as when as I was a teacher.  However, when I am given the “task” of helping a non reader pick a book I head straight to my collection DREAM SERIES. I share how Jason in THE GREEN makes more fun of himself to hide how the kids pick on him.  How  life situations make us stronger and not weaker when we learn to try something new like in RIDE where Cece goes from being a great snowboarder to an up an coming surfer. To be quite honest I have not a negative statement from any student that has read my DREAM SERIES.”

Diane G. Coleman
Reading Coach
Creekside Middle School
Port Orange, FL

“Truly unique! High interest, page-tuners with two editions of the same story, one on grade level and one at a level more accessible to struggling readers. Now we can have literature circles based on interest instead of reading level.”

Bobbie Sievering
Reading Recovery Teacher Leader
Chicago, Illinois

“When reading with groups of sixth graders, I was enthused by their reaction. The books were of great interest to them – they were drawn into the sports related stories and were excited to continue reading. In fact, a number of students asked for a second and third book to read after we had finished! The kids love these books.”

Diane Bailey
Literacy Specialist and former elementary school principal
San Diego, CA


Bolster your Afterschool program:
Scobre’s Program has been approved for After School use by the California Afterschool Resource Center.

”The books appeal to students with an interest in sports, and the Teacher’s Guide is succinct and easy-to-follow.”

-California Afterschool Resource Center, Reviewer’s Notes.

“We used these books for our after school program and the results were great. Kids were spending time reading without us telling them to! Thank you for creating these amazing books!”

Janet Murphy 
After School Coordinator
Detroit, MI


Striving Readers, Juvenile Detention Centers, and Prisons:

Scobre’s program has been approved by the national G.R.E.A.T. Program (Gang Resistance/Education and Training).

“Many incarcerated adolescents struggle with reading. In response to this dilemma, we recently purchased a large number of high-interest books from Scobre Press. The books have been tremendously successful with students. The guys love the sports themes, along with the exciting and relevant stories. Having the books available on two reading levels has provided flexibility, to adequately teach reading to students with varying capabilities. Also, the character education messages which are built into each novel have stirred up interesting and productive discussions. The Teacher’s Guide is a useful assessment tool. I would highly recommend these books to any facility catering to the needs of at risk, detained or incarcerated youth.”

Dan Kimbar
Drop Out Prevention/Alternative Education
School District of Palm Beach County, Florida

“Students at Central Juvenile Hall School tend to steal Scobre Press books. While we don’t encourage students to steal, it is bittersweet that they are now stealing reading books rather than cars.”

Dr. Denise Miranda
Central Juvenile High School in Los Angeles, California.


Moms love Scobre, too:

“A good friend originally gave my 11-year-old son what has become his favorite book, Fighting El Fuego. ‘El Fuego’ has changed my son’s life. He went from ‘not wanting to read’ to ‘cannot wait to read.’ Being an athlete and having a bit of a temper, he could relate to ‘El Fuego,’ and often when he becomes frustrated, he will go to the basement punching bag and box. Now, I joyfully have to keep a watchful eye on him or he will stay up too late reading.”

Lisa Minervini-Smith
Malibu, California