Hockey Dreams

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by Gil Conrad


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From the book:

My name is Wayne Miller. Don’t squint, or adjust your glasses, I really am this small. Still, I’ve always dreamed about being a professional hockey player, and competing against the greatest players in the world. This book is about how I chased down my dream, despite everybody telling me that it was impossible. It’s about overcoming the odds, fighting through injuries, and giving everything you’ve got every single day.

Your dreams never die until you let them die. That’s what my Dad always told me—and that’s why I never quit. Sitting here in the locker room of the Minnesota Elk, on the night of my first professional game, I can finally sit back and reflect about how in the world I got here. I guess it all started on the day I got my first pair of skates. After that day, nothing was ever the same for me…


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3rd Grade Reading Level (112 pages)

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5th Grade Reading Level (118pages)

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