Hoop City

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by Brett Hodus and Scott Blumenthal


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From the book:

My name is Tony Hope, but people around my neighborhood call me “T”. I live in Harlem, a place where life isn’t always easy. I’ve always dreamed that my brother Mike and I would stand on an NBA court together some day. This book is about trying to get there. It’s about winning and losing. It’s about joy and pain. It’s about basketball. It’s about our life, and how fifteen hours can change everything.

Sitting here on the bench at Towers Memorial Arena on the night of my first NBA game, I can finally sit back and reflect on my bumpy road. I guess it all starts on the night before Mike and I were supposed to leave for college, the night that changed everything. The night that basketball stopped being the most important thing in the world. And after this night, nothing would ever be the same…


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3rd Grade Reading Level (128 pages)

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5th Grade Reading Level (136 pages)

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