Long Shot

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by Marie Fowler


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From the book:My name is Brittany Bristol, but you can call me Brit for short. Or you can just call me Short, because everyone always reminds me that I am too small and too short to play the game of giants, that is, basketball. But you know what? I don’t care what other people say about me.I don’t care that I’ve been cut, put down, and chased out of every level of competitive basketball that I’ve ever gone out for. I don’t worry that the guy of my dreams, Brian, won’t even look my way. I’m going to be all right. I’m the one in control of my fate. I’m the one who dreams. I can see it now: Brittany Bristol, the starting point guard for a women’s college basketball team.

The ball is in my hands, all eyes are on me, our team needs two points for a national championship, and seven seconds remain. Then I wake up. My dream is over. I’m still the only junior on a junior varsity team filled with freshman and sophomores, and Brian barely realizes that I walk the earth. But I won’t quit, I can’t, my dream has only just begun…
Character Issue(s)
Perseverance, Confidence


3rd Grade Reading Level (116 pages)

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5th Grade Reading Level (132 pages)

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