Motocross Brother

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by Eric Hado


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From the book:

My name is Jason Hitt and I live for stunts and thrills. Lately, my mother has been treating me like some kind of criminal. When one of my bike stunts goes wrong, Mom loses it. She decides to send me to Iowa. That’s where my deadbeat father and his stupid son live. My summer in Iowa starts off hot, boring, and miserable. I can’t shake the anger I feel towards Dad and his kid. But when I find out that my brother John is an awesome motocross rider, and I take my first ride on a real motorcycle, things start to change. Can motocross really help me forget the past? Will I survive the giant triple step-up jump?


Character Issue(s)
Divorce, Anger Management, Bullying


3rd Grade Reading Level (70 pages)

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5th Grade Reading Level (70 pages)

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