Born To Run: The Brittany Young Story

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by Barbara Rudow

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From the book:

At the age of 7, Brittany Young had a horrible accident. Her legs and feet were burned so badly that doctors weren’t sure if she would ever walk again.

Years later, after enduring thousands of hours of treatment and therapy, Brittany can not only walk—she can run! In fact, she is one of the top high school runners in the country.

This is the remarkable true story of a determined young girl from Hawaii who simply wouldn’t quit. Her competitive spirit and natural talent transformed her from a burn victim to a competitive runner who was: Born to Run.


Character Issue(s)
Perseverance, Self-confidence


3rd Grade Reading Level (65 pages)

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  • 6-Pack: 978-1-933423-59-3

5th Grade Reading Level (65 pages)

  • Single Title: 978-1-933423-58-6
  • 6-Pack: 978-1-933423-60-9


Includes the Home Run and Touchdown audiobooks on a single device!

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Home Run        Touchdown