Full Speed Ahead: The Bryson McLeod Story

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by Pete Birle

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From the book:

In life, a few special people find the courage to remain positive despite impossibly challenging circumstances. The rest of us look on in awe and, ultimately, turn to them for strength and inspiration.

Bryson McLeod has been confined to a wheelchair for most of his life. Still, the teenager from New Jersey is always smiling as he moves full speed ahead on his road to success. The former child model is an elite athlete who excels in several sports, including wheelchair basketball, track and sled hockey. (He’s a champion ping-pong player, too!)

Like Bryson, the best of the best wheelchair athletes don’t let their fate in life get the best of them. Rather, they set their sights on conquering the world, which they get to do every four years at the Paralympic Games, their ultimate goal.

So meet the extraordinary Bryson McLeod as he races toward the Paralympics. Catch him if you can!


Character Issue(s)
Tolerance, Compassion


4th Grade Reading Level (68 pages)

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6th Grade Reading Level (68 pages)

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Home Run        Touchdown