Legit: The Rise of a Cyber Athlete

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By Ron Berman

Home Run        Touchdown

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From the book:

The exploding popularity of video games is well documented. Gaming is just one small part of a technological revolution that is changing life on earth.

Bryan Rizzo, a teenage cyber athlete known as “Legit,” stands at the forefront of this new age of technology. His experiences will open your eyes to the world of professional gaming, and to the many career opportunities that exist in the field of “interactive entertainment.” From programmers to artists to marketing executives—there’s something for everyone.

This is only the beginning. As technology continues to advance, the world will change along with it. We are moving forward into an exciting and amazing tomorrow.

Are you ready for the future?


Character Issue(s)
Perseverance, Career Goals


4th Grade Reading Level (78 pages)

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  • 6-Pack: 978-1-933423-92-0

7th Grade Reading Level (78 pages)

  • Single Title: 978-1-933423-80-7
  • 6-Pack: 978-1-933423-93-7


Includes the Home Run and Touchdown audiobooks on a single device!

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Home Run        Touchdown