T-Lloyd: In the Trenches

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by Ron Berman & Stephen McFadden

Home Run        Touchdown

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From the book:

In the summer of 2005, life was pretty great for Thomas Lloyd III. This smart, popular kid from New Orleans had just made the varsity football team as a freshman lineman.

But everything changed when Hurricane Katrina struck his hometown. “T-Lloyd” and his family were devastated to find that their home was flooded and most of their possessions were ruined. They would have to pick up the pieces and start over. So, with heavy hearts, they moved to a small town in Texas.

Things were tough at first, but T-Lloyd bounced back … especially on the football field. It’s not easy playing “in the trenches” (meaning, on the rough-and-tumble line of scrimmage). But T-Lloyd’s heart, determination—and amazing physical strength—have made him a Texas high school football star!


Character Issue(s)
Steroids, Life Transitions


3rd Grade Reading Level (68 pages)

  • Single Title: 978-1-934713-19-8
  • 6-Pack:978-1-93471-321-1

5th Grade Reading Level (68 pages)

  • Single Title: 978-1-934713-20-4
  • 6-Pack:978-1-93471-322-8


Includes the Home Run and Touchdown audiobooks on a single device!

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Home Run        Touchdown