Who’s Got Next?: Future Leaders of America

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by Ron Berman

Home Run        Touchdown

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From the book:

Have you ever wondered where life is going to lead you? Have you ever thought about what you want to be? The world is filled with success stories. Millions of people have made their dreams come true.

What’s your story? Do you picture yourself singing in front of thousands of screaming fans, performing surgery, dancing in a music video, cross-examining a defendant, or crashing through a window to put out a fire?

Meet eight real teens from different parts of America who are on the road to doing some of these very same things. Read about their exciting lives and the determination they display in achieving their goals as Future Leaders of America.


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3rd Grade Reading Level (96 pages)

  • Single Title: 978-1-933423-53-1
  • 6-Pack: 978-1-933423-55-5

5th Grade Reading Level (96 pages)

  • Single Title: 978-1-933423-54-8
  • 6-Pack: 978-1-933423-56-2


Includes the Home Run and Touchdown audiobooks on a single device!

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Home Run        Touchdown